Fluids are all around us from the water we drink to the air we breath. They form constantly changing patterns that can be astonishing, intriguing or just plain mesmerising.  From rippling water, billowing clouds of smoke, to your icy breath on a frosty morning, people have always enjoyed toying with fluid and this is what fluidity is aimed to do...

Fluidity is a suite of programs designed to let the user play with the dynamics of fluids, as a performance, a contemplative experience or just a fun toy to while away a few spare minutes. 

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What is fluidity?

Fluids have been a focus of computer graphics for number of years, having had the privilege to attend the Siggraph conference numerous times it was amazing to see the dramatic progress made in the field. 

But it was in Siggraph 2002 were I bumped into an enthusiastic colleague who’d just seen Jos Stam present a paper which culminated in him demoing a version of his stable fluids simulation on a PDA. 

Jos’s GDC 03 Paper ‘Real-Time Fluid Dynamics for Games’ has been the catalyst for a number of people to create fluid solvers, one of which is the excellent MSAfluid C++ library built by Memhet Atkin, its this library that is used as the basis for fluidity with a little bit of tinkering...


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